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May 28, 2020

Feedback From Recent Winners:

Jonathan Baker
Got my iphone X today!! Now my wife's birthday present is all taken care of. ;)

Albert Hammersmith
This is real?!?! I really thought it was a joke, but figured what the heck. Just got my xbox!!!

Sarah Edison
I didn't win the first time, but it let me go again. So stoked to get my air pods!!!!!!!

Susannah Winger
OMG i just got my iphone X! is this real life? thank you thank you thank you! :D :D :D

Troy Dorian
Holy crap! I actually won!! Can't wait to waste some hours on my new xbox 1 hahaha

Marcus Taylor
ok that was pretty easy and painless. god bless! xo

Alison Reid
all i could think while it spun was "no whammy no whammy" lol!!! but i got a new iphone X and i LOVE IT!!!

Peter McArthur
I would have taken ANY prize, but I can't believe I actually won that iPhone X. AMAZING!

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